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Published Articles

Rising Women Magazine Calgary

March / April 2009 Edition
“As a First Time Buyer in Today’s Market Should I Buy a House Today or Wait?”

January / February 2009 Edition
“Can You Explain the Difference Between a Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgage?”

July / August 2008 Edition
“Can You Explain the Recent Changes to Insured / Government Guaranteed Mortgages?”

May / June 2008 Edition
“Financing a Second Home / Vacation Property”

January / February 2008 Edition
The Importance of Mortgage Pre-Approval

September / October 2007 Edition
“Little to No Down Payment Mortgages”

May / June 2007 Edition
“I Am Self Employed”

Recommended Calgary Realtors

Jamie Palmer – Associate Broker / Realtor Power Properties Email: Phone: 1-403-827-8289

Mike Fotiou – First Place Realty Phone: 1-403-554-2284

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